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About Us

Who We Are?


Welcome to Perinjanam Service Co-operative Bank

The Perinjanam Service Co-operative Bank was registered as a co-operative bank on 2rd March 1983 and started functioning on 30th March 1983. It came under the purview of Co operative societies Act and Rules of 1969 as a primary agricultural credit society and it developed into Service Co-operative Bank.

Perinjanam Service Co-operative Bank plays a prominent role in the local banking activities. The bank’s annual reports shows increase in deposits, lending, profitability membership, share capital and working capital, staff and their services. Considering deposits, higher rates of interest are given.The share holders are given adequate dividends.Share holders are very much satisfied with overall performance of the bank. The procedure for taking loan is very simple. So there is very much possibility for getting loans to every applications. All customers are given adequate consideration. Loans are given comparatively lesser rates.


  • To help our people from high interest of private bankers.
  • To build up savings habit in everyone through small deposit schemes.
  • To nourish the agriculture sector by providing knowledge and training.
  • To help and improve traditional workmanship.Make the people aware about the cooperative ventures.
  • To lead the village and villagers to their bright future